Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adelicious has moved! (no pun intended)

Adel is moving to Australia! While friends and family already knew, it's time to let the loyal readers of Adel-cious know too! With the soon-to materialise move (2 more weeks. Sad), I've decided to move (or change, rather) my blog name from Adel-icious to WhatToBakeToday.

Adel-icious was meant to be a word play between "Adel" and "A Delicious (Blogspot)". Sadly, with the weirdly placed hyphen and numerous other "-licious" blogs, the blog's name had proven challenging to remember for some. That said, I think the new blog name -- WhatToBakeToday, will be much easier to remember! I mean that's what I ask myself almost every other day. Muaha.

Don't worry if you're trying to find one of your "bookmarked" recipes, all past posts are accessible on the new blog (YAY!). Now hopefully, with a new environment & new blog comes new inspiration. It wouldn't be before long when I start asking myself this question again:

See you at the new blog. =)

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